Your training to become THE MAN

With this article I will start a series that will help you understand and apply all the knowledge I shared so far.

Basically, these are the attitudes, the behavior, a way of being that will allow you to get any woman you want and to make her happy on the long therm.

These traits are the traits of a man who is both appealing and fulfilling for a woman.

I studied men for a very long time.

My first lover left me for my best friend and that was a really heavy shock for me at that point.

I realized that I am not good enough, that there are traits and qualities that are really important to keep a woman beside me and to make sure that I am the best choice that she can make over and over again.

I am was interested in pick-up artistry at the beginning. I managed to learn how to get under the skin of a woman and then into her pants. It was not fulfilling for me.

Then I learned what it means to build a relationship. After a while I started mixing them, being in a relationship and having affairs beside.

Finally, right now I am teaching people how to find their own ideal combination. I am absolutely happy with my beloved and I am THE MAN for her.

More than that, I know that no man could take her away because I love her, I know her and we worked so much on this relationship that there is no possibility someone could take that away.

Even more than that, if by absurd she would leave me, I know with all my heart that either she would come back by herself or I would get her back.

This is what you need to understand and practice:

Know yourself

Don’t imagine that you know the way your mind and your emotional structures work. If you think you know yourself, it means that you have absolutely no idea. In this article I will give you the knowledge and the tools to constantly upgrade yourself.

Control your desire

Sexual desire is a drive that can push you to the edge and then you might lose everything you built. You need to learn how to control it, otherwise you will be its slave.

Recognize women as your mirror

Women are emotionally receptive and they will always show you what is inside you. What I mean by this exactly,  is a complex and fascinating process.

Love her as she is

Most men want their women to change things. Attitudes, behaviors, faults, actions and they constantly remind them this. Learn to love your woman as she is and she will become the best you’ve ever had.

Learn from the best

Constantly develop your skills as a lover, as a man, as a friend, as a human being. This way you can make sure that she always has someone to look up to and she will respect you for it.

Admit that you are wrong

Men have a natural immunity against recognizing their faults. It is the fear of the alpha male to be vulnerable. Learn to control this instinct and you will never be vulnerable again.

Keep your word or don’t give it

Don’t find excuses for what you didn’t do or what you did. Being a man is about integrity, about decisions, about self respect. in your interaction with women this is one of the key factors, although it might seem really simple. It is not. You fail in the small things and you will never be able to build great things.

Focus on your mission

If you do this, you will have something that most men don’t and you will have the strategic advantage over most men. When you know who you are and you know what you have to do with your life, women will circle around you because their mission is to support men with a mission.

Never criticize, complain or blame

This is the most important point and you will understand why when we get there. All these attitudes are destructive and slowly destroy your manhood.


I will write a series of articles on these subjects, some of them will be described through more than one article, others will be shorter.

Before anything else, it is important for you to understand that you need to practice at least some of the ideas that I will share with you. Otherwise there is no point in reading it.

As I told you, your mind is very perceptive for the moment. Practice is what changes the way you make your decisions.