You’ll want to give up

This article is a shorter-one. Basically this law is a consequence of the first three.
As you’ve read, change is not easy, it takes time and a lots of times you tend to forget why you started in the first place.
As a result, change becomes really hard and this is the reason why most people don’t practice intentional change.
For most people change and transformation is a result of some external forces, different situations that they cannot escape.
But the result that is building up is reactivity and the lack of focused transformation.
Focused transformation requires an intention, requires taking responsibility and taking the time and effort that is needed.
You’ve read about the emotional factors in the article before.
If it would not be easy and it would take time, evolution and change would still be possible for most if people would manage to “reactivate” the feeling that they started it with.
When you tend to give up, it is because you are not taking into consideration the first three laws.
At my trainings and presentations I always ask people: how long would you “work” together with your child to help him learn how to walk?
The answer is always the same: “As long as it takes.”
Then I ask them: How long do you think someone should keep working on making a change?
Their answer is always the same: “As long as it takes.”
So I am asking you now: How long do you think you should put an effort in it and try again and again?
I hope your answer is “As long as it takes to make that change.”
So it doesn’t matter if you stop sometimes.
For your brain limitless effort is not possible.
The main reason we give up most of the time is because we don’t see the result. We cannot imagine that the effort will end at some point.
In this case, your brain will send you an emotional message: It does not worth it, you will not get there anyway.
When you set out to make a change in your life, in your relationship, in your way of being the road is always unknown. Even if you’ve read about it, you’ve seen movies about it or you got a plan for it. It is unknown, because you’ve never been there actually, you’ve only just imagined how it would be.
So it is normal when you find something that is not according to your plan or vision to get the feeling that it is impossible.
But then you need to remember the first three laws: that it is not easy and you know that. It will take time and you already considered that. You will forget and you need to remember that initial feeling in your whole being for it to work.
What you can do to remember all these before you give up, or every time you tend to give up: write those down. The moment you decide to make a change, write down the following phrase:
“I take full responsibility for this decision and I of the fact that it will not be easy, it will take time and that I need to remember this feeling from the beginning. I take full responsibility in dealing with the consequences and to put the effort into this change as long as it takes.”
You can put on paper an idea like this, it does not have to be the exact same words. You can write down anything that inspires you and makes you go further.
Then put that vow somewhere where you can see it as many times as it is possible.
Then go and get the result. As long as it takes, but go for it.