You will succeed

This is the final law of evolution, which by my opinion is the most important: “YOU WILL SUCCEED”

People think that they are victims of the circumstances of their lives. Most of the people whom I worked with were really confused about where their will ends and the circumstances begin.

Let me tell you something really simple and complex in the same time.

Wherever you are in your life right now is the consequence of thousands of small decisions that you’ve made along the way.

There are no mistakes in the laws of this Universe.

And one of the laws of the Universe is that every action has a reaction to it. Of course most people see their physical actions as “actions”. Thinking in a certain way about something or someone actually leads to a certain attitude and that attitude leads to actions of some sort.

This is simple and complicated in the same time for many people.

Let me sort it out.

Your attitude toward something or someone directs your way of thinking about that situation or person. These processes are very fast and very subtle so most people don’t catch them most of the time.

Just think about this. Recent studies show that during a usual day your brain experiences over 20 thousand emotional reactions and  over 50 thousand thoughts. How was your day so far?

Our brain has an unimaginably fast and tumultuous activity all the time. Consciously we get a very small amount of that.

So don’t imagine that you know what is really happening within your brain. We only get a very small amount of information about what is going on in our brain.

Your brain is active even in your sleep. It uses information from your subconscious mind to make decisions that you don’t even remember.

So maybe you could start paying attention to it. To your feelings and your thoughts because they drive your actual actions.

By my opinion and experience, thinking in a certain way is an action. When you think of something or someone, you imagine things in your head. You always imagine things happening or not happening.

Even if you don’t realize, this way you limit or direct your actions in a very specific way.

If you think of someone that he or she could hurt you some way, you will imagine the ways that you could get hurt. And all that is happening mostly at an unconscious level.

Then your actions ini that situation or toward that person are influenced by what happened at a subconscious level.

Then that person reacts or you don’t give everything in the situation. And there are consequences to those actions. Always.

If you did not succeed in what you’ve set out to change in your life is because you don’t understand the thousands of small decisions that you made and you didn’t make the proper connections between your way of thinking and reacting ant the results of your actions.

Now you know.

Actually, whatever you created in your life until now, good or bad, are the result of a series of small decisions under the form of thoughts and emotional reactions, attitudes and behaviors.

First step in changing your life is admitting that you’ve created it along the way through thousands maybe millions of small actions and decisions.

Actually you succeeded in creating whatever your subconscious mind set out to achieve and create.

So whatever you grow within your thoughts and your reactions will create your life. You are succeeding every moment of your life in creating your unconscious world.

If you want to see very clearly what is in your mind and in your feelings just look at your life and see what is there. What you experience on a daily basis is created by your daily thoughts and daily attitudes.

You already succeeded to create something.

Now you might want to change the result.

In order to do that, there is a really simple road.

You need to change the way you think, react and behave on a regular basis.

You need to constantly upgrade your thoughts, your emotional reactions, your attitudes and behaviors.

You don’t even need to change much in your actions actually.

Your actions are a result of your thoughts, reactions and behaviors.

Change all these and your results will change. It is almost like magic. I applied these rules and laws with hundreds of people. They work.

Now it is your turn.

I am confident and a hundred percent sure that YOU WILL SUCCEED.

In the following set of articles I will give you all the guidelines you need to become the man you want to be.

Don’t forget: it will not be easy… maybe you read again the laws of evolution before going further…

See you at the beginning of your training in the next article.