Know yourself

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

The qute above was said by Albert Einstein, and as far as I know, a lot of wise people before and after him expressed the same idea.

If you think you know things, means the greatest ignorance ever.

Just think about this: people were sure a few hundred years ago that our planet is held by some giants, that it is flat and the center of the Universe.

A bit over two hundred years ago scientist discovered that there is light that is not visible to the human eye, like ultraviolet and infrared. Until then if you said something different you were considered  fool or a heretic.

Hundreds of people died along human history for saying things that were not considered true at that point by the majority and then the majority accepted that those things were actually true and condemned other people again for saying new, unacceptable things.

This circle goes over and over agin in human history.

Just think about healtcare.

Classic medicine treaded our body as a mechanical system for hundreds of years.

Nowadays there are methods for healing that were unacceptable a few years ago. Even now accupuncture or EFT or other energy techniques are juded and rejected by many, although they really work for the majority.

There are dosctors who healed hundreds of patients yet they are rejected because there method is not “scientific”.

What does all of this has to do with the idea of knowing yourself?

The same process described earlier is applicable on a smaller scale in our personal  lives.

As we advance in life, we learn new things and discover traits and abilities that we didn’t know we had.

Also we realise how stupid and how missunderstanding we can be at some points in our lives.

Through experience, we manage to gradually discover ourselves and then work with what we discover.

Just think about something that someone in your life blamed you for. They said that “you are so….” And you were shocked and you felt rejected and judged.

Then at some moment you realized that you actually behave sometimes  like they said. That you actually are that way.

In your brain there are billions of processes at every moment.

You have roughly twenty thousand emotional reactions and more than fifty thousand thoughts per day.

All these processes generate reactions and behaviors. All these processes influence your interaction with people, influence your decisions, make you like or not like things and people, they make you “feel” the way you feel.

This is who I am we say a lot of times.

Who are you actually? What amount of your decisions is conscious? Do you want to know the truth? Researches in neurology and other brain sciences say that 98% of our decisions are unconscious.

Because we don’t decide consciously what we “like” or what we “don’t like”. These are reactions generated by our brains based on millions of bits of information from our past and pur experience.

If you want to discover the richness and the “why”s of this inner world, there is work to do.

If you want to change the way you behave around women, in relationship with people, in your life, job or whatever area you want, you need to understand at least some of these processes happening in your head each moment.

Then you can consciously decide how you wanna play your game.

And then you can start training.

There is a lot of science and reasearch behind what I am sharing with you right now. This is not the place to bring all the data in, if you are interested in the scientific proof of what I am am telling you, please research it on the internet. I have been studying and applying these things for the past ten years.

What I am sharing with you is the practical shortcut for more efficient results. As you’ve read in the previous articles, it will take time and effort, but you can change anything you want in your life.

First, you need to know yourself.

For this I will share a few methods and solutions, what you can actually do to discover hidden structures in your psycho-emotional world.

Step by step I will give you keys to understand and then to manage your inner world to become a better man. To become the man you want to be.

These are some of the ways to discover  who you actually are.

Embrace your origins

In the first few years of our lives, our brain is leasning almost exclusively through the lymbic system, the emotional part of the brain. These few years are the foundation of our personality. We are who we are and we behave the way we behave because of what is constructed here.

If you want to find out what your brain built at an unconscious level, this is the place to research.

Accept your life

Most men are complaining about a lot of things in their life. The problem is that what you created in your life reflects very specifically who you are, the decisions you make on a daily basis at an unconscious level. If you want to find out what is actually happening in your head, look closely to what is happening in oyur life.

Listen to the feed-back

Those around you will constantly show you who you are. You might not understand it clearly you will surely not like it, but this is who you are. It is important though to know how to “translate” outside information in order to use it wisely for your transformation.

Re-invent yourself

If you want to know who you really are, it is not enough to do the same things on a daily basis.

I will show you how you can discover hidden potentials and hidden fears that you can use afterwards for your transformation in changing your life.

Question your decisions

Never take for granted what is in your head. I kow it sounds terrible, but I will tell you exactly what you can do to understant the way your emotional world is built in those first years of your life, and how you can work with this information to become something more.

Know your dreams

When we grow up, we forget to dream. Others just dream and they don’t act toward their dreams. There is a balance in this process that can motivate you, keep you alive and make you turn the world around.

Know your women

Most men just follow their instincts in interacting with women. A lot of men are so desperate in their sexual desire that they would relate to an woman just to get laid. Others are so cold emotionally that they can not relate to any woman. Both of these species end up either alone or married to a woman that was smart enough to “catch” them. They both are unhappy and without too much meaning in their lives, not understanding why did this happenn to them.

If you want to decide conscioully who you will have beside you the rest of your life, it would be good to know what you actually like.

Design your relationship

The same as above, it is not enough to have the woman of your life beside you, if you are not conscious of what is happening in your relationship and what do you want to happen, you might end up in hell together with the woman of your life.

I’ve seen this happening with a lot of men who just took their relationship and their woman for granted.


I know this might be a lot to take in and it might sound hard at first sight.

I will give you all the tools you need if you want to make a real change in your life in every aspect.

You just need to take responsibility for your actions and actually take action with all the information you are about to have.