Become the man you want to be

With this article we begin a new chapter of our journey.

First it is important to understand the basics. It is important before you start repairing or changing a system, to know how that system works.

Now you know the basics on how our biology influences us, both men and women, and what is the cause of the conflicts on this level.

We will take this information on the next level.

After we settled how the “lower” levels work we will be able to get to the “higher” levels of what it means to become a man and to make a woman happy.

Someone said “Before you can discover the god within yourself, you need to tame the beast within yourself.”

I insisted so much on the biology part, because although for long years we were taught that our reasoning and our higher thinking governs our liver, it is not true.

It the light of the new neurosciences, our decisions and our actions are governed almost entirely by our emotional brain.

Of course our reasoning is the key to evolution. It is the solution when you want to make a change.

But as you probably noticed it is not enough to think that your life is better or that you are a better person. It helps, but it is not enough.

I’ve seen many people who studied spirituality and personal development who can’t make a real change in their lives.

Most of them can’t get over some of their emotional problems because they don’t want to admit they have one.

Most of those people who cannot make a change in their lives even they are “practicing” all kinds of techniques are not willing to admit that they have an inferior nature, that beside their intellect and “spirit” they also have a biological being that they have to work with.

Even though we were taught that we are what we think, our biology is not that easy to be convinced of this.

We are what we repeatedly and consequently think and train in ourselves. It is not enough just to think. You need to train your emotional world through that thinking.

This takes time and effort.

First of all it takes the balls to admit that you are a biological being before everything else. If you can’t accept that, just try not to eat and drink for a few days. See what happens to your great intellect.

Then come back and keep reading.

Taming and training the biological being within us is the basis of growth and evolution. Our emotional world governs our reactions, behavior, body language and interactions with others.

Of course to make a change, you will need to further understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, the mechanics of our psycho-emotional world.

I promise you, that you will discover the god within yourself step by step through these articles.

But I can assure you that the road will pass through your ability to work with the animal within yourself. If you tried other methods and got the results, congrats.

If you still struggle with becoming the man you want to be or with relating to women as you desire, than this is the place for you.

In the following articles I will describe what it means from my perspective to be a man.

Of course you are free to judge or reject those ideas, I don’t have a problem with that.

What I can tell you is that in over twenty years of relationships and thousands of hours of coaching I learned a few things about men, women, and their interaction.

What I will be sharing is the result of that experience.

I will also do my best to offer you all the solutions that can get you what you want. I will share a lot of recipes about manhood and about relationships.

Please feel free to take whatever you want, experiment with them and see the results. Whatever works for you is fine, use it and make some women happy.