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Lorens Vattez

I am Lorens Vattez.

Professional speaker, coach and trainer. As you might have guessed, the name you know me by is a “stage name”.

Right now I “retired” from the couple counselling part and I really like my privacy.

I have chosen to write this way to be able to share all the experience I’ve gathered in years of working with myself and others.

I managed to build a relationship that has become better and better each year in the past nine years. Many of my friends and clients asked over and over again to share all the information I have on building couple relationships.

So here I am, sharing it. Use it freely to make your life better.

Ludovic Auger

I am Ludovic Auger.

This project is one of my favorite of all I’ve ever done.

Being a professional coach, I love to see people change their lives. After four years of experience I know I can contribute with the tools and the knowledge to do it.

Working with Lorens Vattez on this website is an opportunity for me to grow personally, professionally and by everything we bring into people’s lives.

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