MOTTO: Don't try to prove you are a man. BE ONE.

Everything I learned and changed about myself as a man happened through and with the help of women.


The motto above is what C. (my girlfriend, lover, wife or whatever you wish to call her), the woman of my life said to me when few years ago I was telling her about all my plans and the mighty force that I am in the world.


She listened to me very patiently and then said it.


First it was a shock to me, I felt really misunderstood and rejected.


Another few years passed by until I fully understood what she meant by that.


My mission through this website is to share all the knowledge that helped me as a man to become what I am today.


All the knowledge of 23 years of relationships and thousands of hours of study, coaching and counseling.


I am doing what a lot of women asked me to do after counseling them.


It is my way of teaching man how to truly make women happy. How to understand the feminine nature, all the mechanics and

mathematics that are behind the seemingly unpredictable and unstable behavior.


How to discover the wisdom that women have and how to touch the depth of their infinite nature.


This website is about becoming a man. Not a path with a destination, but a journey that never really ends.


My purpose with all of this is to share a knowledge that has helped hundreds of people to make a real change in their relationship lives through understanding and through effort.


It is dedicated especially for men, but it surely will help women understand their own nature and to understand their men.


Don’t take anything for granted. Test it in your life, in your own world and if something worked for you or at least brought you some understanding, share it with others please.


I believe in the power of a couple.

I believe that everyone can live the whole range of ecstasy within a relationship.

I also believe that we all need to learn how to get there.


Let the journey begin.

Please support us through Thank you!